The dataset

BoulieBot currently has tack incident data stretching back to Feb 01 2015 and the data is expanding constantly, both forwards and backwards in time!

We currently have detailed data for 247 Boulevard tackings - meaning someone has been tacked, on average, every 4 days. This has fluctuated over time, with "quiet periods" and "blitzes".

On this page you can see some visualisations and analysis of this data.

Simple Heatmap

In this heatmap, all detected tackings are given the same weighting, illustrating the all-time most heavily tacked areas.

Recency-Weighted Heatmap

In this heatmap, more-recent tackings get a higher weight, so the most recent danger zones are more prominent.

Time/Day distribution

Which days have historically been the worst for tackings? Morning or afternoon?
Monday AM 9
Monday PM 6
Tuesday AM 34
Tuesday PM 19
Wednesday AM 37
Wednesday PM 17
Thursday AM 17
Thursday PM 12
Friday AM 13
Friday PM 12
Saturday AM 28
Saturday PM 6
Sunday AM 29
Sunday PM 8

Detected tackings over time

Daily, for the last 12 months. The more tackings detected on a given day, the darker the blue.

Northbound/Southbound incidence

Travel in which direction is more likely to encounter a tack?


Based on this data, BoulieBot's recommendations to avoid being the next victim:
  • Beware around the "Speed Test" and "Talbot" corners Northbound
  • Be extra vigilant through the curves around Yarra St / Molesworth St
  • Monday and Friday mornings seem to be the safest
And more generally:
  • Always stay right of the white line wherever possible